Year round events


Expressions is not a one off exhibition – it is a year long commitment to use art support people in expressing themselves.

Service users take part in workshops run by professional artists and photographers throughout the year to produce the work we see at our annual exhibition.


The Atlas of Human Kindness

Staff and service users have taken part in The Atlas of Human Kindness, a project run by artist Luci Gorell Barnes. The Atlas of Human Kindness is a growing collection of maps created by participating groups and individuals, telling stories of where and when people have experienced acts of kindness. The project explores ways to represent what people experience as kindness and how this occurs - marking sites where people have felt cared for by others.

 The Atlas of Human Kindness


Bringing Yourself to the Table

Bringing Yourself to the Table 

An installation made by six Milestones Trust service users. Bringing Yourself to the Table allows each person to express themselves through objects they bring to the table. Each has made a plate with an image they have produced fired onto it. Visitors can sit at the table and listen to a sound piece from each person talking about themselves.

There will also be clay sprigs that have been made from chosen everyday objects, made from plaster moulds, and gold lustred.

Bringing Yourself to the Table Bringing Yourself to the Table

 Initially exhibited at St Stephen's church in Bristol, the Table will also be on display at the April 2013 Expressions festival Secret Garden.

Installation Initiated and facilitated by Georgia Shearman BA/MA Ceramics: Design

Sound Piece edited and produced by Mary Ingoldby


Nature Workshops at Bath Road

Residents enjoying nature workshop

Residents at Bath Road took part in a nature workshop in November.

The workshop involved working with the wonderful array of materials nature can provide.

Everyone worked together to create patterns made from leaves and other natural materials. The patterns were then collected photographically and will be used to make banners which will represent some of the park greenery for the 2013 Expressions exhibition. After the exhibition, the banners will then go back to the home and will be used to decorate the walls and make a screen to hide the ugly outside bins!