Assistive technology

Assistive technology at Milestones Trust

In 2015 Milestones Trust launched into a new phase of our commitment to support our service users to lead more independent and productive lives through the increased use of assistive technology. We are developing a programme for introducing assistive technology into a number of services, including improving access to IT for people who use our services.

Assistive technology is defined as any device that allows a person to perform a daily task they would otherwise be unable to do, or that makes it easier or safer to perform that task.

This encompasses a huge number or products and programmes. This page shows links working lists of devices used at various locations across the Trust, with contact details and further information for anyone looking into trying out or buying a product for a service user, building or project.

There are also links to download the minutes of our iCan technology interest group, for service users, staff, or anybody interested in developing the use of assistive technology. If you are interested in attending our next meeting, or for any further information, please contact Mark Melhuish at                                       

The links provided in our databases of products used in different homes are meant as examples of the devices in use, and are not the only make or model available of these products, nor do we specifically recommend them. These products may not be the ones used at the sites listed.

Sample assistive technology implementation plan

iCan Technology Group minutes 15th May 2015


Communication Devices

Home Adaptations


Self Care