Art for wellbeing

Milestones Trust's Art for Wellbeing groups provide a regular, safe, non-judgemental place, where skills are learnt and developed in printing, drawing, stencil making, painting and ceramics. Making meaningful work can help to alleviate everyday pressures and anxieties.The group dynamic also provides the opportunity to form supportive relationships and friendships.

The Art for Wellbeing groups exhibit their work regularly in different locations in Bristol. At Expressions 2013 people from the Art For Wellbeing groups created "Bringing Yourself to the Table", where each person expressed themselves through objects they brought to the table. Each person made a plate with an image they have produced fired onto it. Visitors could sit at the table and listen to a sound piece from each person talking about themselves.

More recently seven individuals from the Art for Wellbeing group met every other week, in a collaborative project with Arnos Vale Cemetery, using the outdoor space for making drawings, watercolour paintings, sound recordings, photographs and grave casts. The work made was shown as part of the Totterdown Arts Trail as a installation called “Bringing the outside in”. This exhibition will also be shown at Expressions 2014.