Complex behavioural needs

We support people with complex emotional needs who may become distressed easily, including those with autistic spectrum disorders.

We assist people to learn how to manage their distress more successfully, become more independent and move on to less intensive services.

We are proud of the number of people we have been able to support to move from very intense services to their own flat with their own staff team.

Mayo House

Skills for independence

Those using our services are supported to develop skills and improve their quality of life. One example is Mayo House, where residents are encouraged to participate in the day-to-day running of the home including cooking, cleaning and shopping. Every person has their own flat and receive unique packages of support based on their individual needs.

Like all of our services, the people who live at Mayo House are supported to make use of ordinary community facilities for sport and leisure and for education, and we have successfully supported people to gain and maintain paid employment. 

Positive Behavioural Support (PBS)

All staff working with this group receive specialist training in Positive Behavioural Support (PBS).

Staff work with individuals, their families and other professionals, including the Trust's own Positive Behavioural Support Manager, to develop a functional assessment.

This helps the person and those supporting them to understand the reasons some behaviours happen, and is the basis for helping them think about ways to cope differently with the stresses of life.

Each plan is unique, just like each person. There is a strong emphasis on preventative strategies - ways to not get into difficult situations - but the plans also help everyone understand how to calm any situations which do arise.

Positive Behavioural Support is values led. It is based on the recognition that people with the most complex behaviours have the same rights as everyone else. It is also developmental, helping people learn new skills.

All of our Positive Behavioural Support trainers have been themselves trained with a national organisation which is accredited with BILD (the British Institute for Learning Disabilities), and the training package we use has won national awards.