Fundraising for Expressions


Over the last two years, we have set up the Expressions art project, which aims to make arts and creative activities accessible to people with learning disabilities and mental health needs.

We already run painting, photography and film workshops, and would like to broaden this remit to include creative reading and writing.


Our aim is to recognise the talents of service users as artists, and to give people a chance to build confidence by exhibiting their work and gaining access to the arts world.

The Trust has already demonstrated its commitment to this outcome by arranging a major arts event for the last three years at the Paintworks exhibition space in Bristol.

We need funds to run workshops on animation, film-making, photography, visual art and music across the Trust, broadening access as much as possible. We also need money for materials and for exhibition costs. If you can help, by donating money, time or resources, then please get in touch.

Creative reading and writing

Creative writing has been proven to be beneficial for people suffering from mental health issues. However, our project goes beyond therapy. It aims to recognise people's talents, and to give them access to the world of writing and the arts.This can open doors for them in terms of work, projects and volunteering.

We already work with the Reader organisation to run creative reading workshops, and would like to build on this by giving service users the opportunity to try creative writing.