Leave a Legacy

Leaving a Gift in Your Will (a Legacy)

Our work is only limited by the funds we receive, and you can make a big difference by leaving a gift to Milestones Trust in your will.

When you are arranging your will, your first concern will naturally be for your own family and friends. You will want to ensure proper provision is made for them. But once this is done, you may also want to consider using your will to improve the lives of other people with a learning disability or mental health need.

Legacies are a very important source of income and they help to fund projects such as those above.

Even small legacies can make a difference, for instance by funding a much-wanted greenhouse or summer house for our residents, or by funding a specially adapted bicycle, helping our service users to enjoy an active life in the community

There are a number of ways you can leave a legacy to Milestones Trust, and your solicitor will be able to advise you. You should make sure in all cases that the full name and address of the charity, together with the registered charity number is used (Milestones Trust, Unit 10, Eclipse Office Park, High Street, Staple Hill, Bristol, BS16 5EL; registered charity number 294377).


An example of the types of bequest you could make:

A discretionary form of trust – this can be set up in your will for the benefit of a person and provide that any sum of money left in the trust after his or her death will go to Milestones Trust to help carry on its work.

A residuary bequest – allows you to provide for family and friends by making specific gifts of money or property, while giving Milestones Trust all or part of the residue of your estate (i.e. what is left when all the specific legacies and other liabilities have been paid).

A specific bequest – this is a gift of a specific valuable object, for example these can range from a piece of antique furniture or jewellery to a house or piece of land that you wish Milestones to have after your death.

A pecuniary bequest – this is a gift of a specific sum of money.

Codicils – Leaving a legacy to Milestones Trust does not necessarily mean making a new will, unless you have other changes to make at the same time. You may prefer to add to you existing will by means of a codicil. This is an additional instruction which is simple and inexpensive to draw up.

The above should only be used as general guidance and the advice of a solicitor should always sought before acting on any of the above suggestions. The Local Law Society will give you names of solicitors who specialise in wills, trusts and tax laws concerning the above.