Focus on food

Milestones Trust has launched an ambitious programme to transform how people think about food in care homes. We are trailblazing to create a holistic, nutritious, sustainable food culture in the care sector.

Read the latest newsletter from our ten week food course which is run in partnership with Square Food Foundation.

See recipes from the food course.

Healthy eating

We are:Soil Association

  • Running ten-week specialist training courses for those who cook meals in care homes. Developed in partnership with the Square Food Foundation, this will eventually lead to a new qualification for care home chefs.
  • Using funding to work with a nutritionist one day a week to roll out the MUST nutritional audit tool, analyse and improve menus.
  • Working with corporate volunteers and in partnership with Growing Support to create vegetable gardens in homes.
  • Enabling more residents to grow and cook their own food.
  • Publishing a guide for care providers on how to create the ideal food culture for people in care homes, including those living with dementia.
  • Accrediting all our fifty care homes with the Soil Association's Bronze Catering Mark. Humphry Repton House has already achieved the Bronze Award and so has Graeme Close.


The Focus on Food group

The Focus On Food group was formed to create a new “food vision” for the Trust and a new standard for good food within the health and social care sector.

It carries out a variety of functions, such as:food

  • Setting internal standards supported by the Soil Association Quality Mark.
  • Developing accredited qualifications and embedding culture through inductions, training and buddying.
  • Sharing good practice externally.
  • Developing measurement tools for service user outcomes (considering diet and nutrition needs).


Service user involvement

Service users are being enabled to grow food in their gardens and learn to cook more for themselves. Residents at Kingsway have even achieved NVQs in catering, and have set up their own catering agency, making several buffets for Trust meetings. 

Caterers from Kingsway

Training staff

Milestones Trust is training staff and cooks across its homes to help them to improve the quality of food served. The Trust has sought the services of Francine Russell to help it roll out training. Ms Russell is a Food Consultant with over 20 years experience in the industry, who runs a  company called All About Food.

She said: "I look forward to working with the Trust's staff and residents. I deliver bespoke training that demonstrates how cooking from scratch with healthy and inexpensive ingredients can be easy, quick and delicious."

Francine Russell trains staff from Milestones Trust

Barny Haughton, the Founder of Bristol's Bordeaux Quay and Square Food Foundation, is also helping to improve the quality of food across the Trust by running ten week training courses for those who prepapre food in our homes and services. 

Below are the newsletters created as part of our first ten week food course, which ran in 2014:

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Winter veg recipes


Here are the newsletters from our second ten week food course, which is currently running.