The Trust was founded in 1986 with a mission to serve people with learning disabilities or mental health needs who had lived most of their lives in long stay hospitals.

We did this by buying houses and running small scale residential homes where people could live ordinary lives in their communities.Milestones Trust timeline

In the 1980's the Government embarked upon new initiatives to help health authorities move people from long-stay hospitals into domestic-scale community settings.

Two of these programmes were carried out by Frenchay Community Care Trust and Southmead Mental Health Care Trust.

In 1996 Frenchay and Southmead Care Trusts joined forces and merged with the Trust. Staff (previously seconded from the NHS) transferred to the employment of a new combined charitable trust called Frenchay and Southmead Care Trust.

In 2003, the Frenchay and Southmead Care Trust decided to change its name. The old name was confusing for the public, with both names associated with local hospitals.

When the NHS introduced new health organisations called Primary Care Trusts the confusion was compounded. After consultation with staff and service users two names were put forward - Aspects for learning
disabilities and Milestones for mental health services thus creating a governing organisation of Aspects and Milestones Trust.

Twenty four years later, all the major institutions have closed and the Trust has reached a turnover of £30 million per annum.

It now became apparent that the current name was too long and unwieldy, making the Trust sound like two organisations. Therefore in April 2011 we re-branded to Milestones Trust. The new name suits the Trust perfectly, as our key aim has always been to achieve milestones for individuals through Person-Centred Planning.