Mental health

What sets our service apart is the way in which we empower people in a flexible, creative, compassionate way to regain control of their lives.

"The difference with Milestones Trust is that they really did listen to me."



We often support people who are a challenge to, or unhappy in, mainstream services, as we aim to fit our service to individuals.Expressions 2010

Our teams have a broad professional base and many years' experience in delivering support and treatment programmes for service users with a wide range of needs. 

The cornerstone of our service is the Recovery Pathway, which might involve us providing accommodation, or might involve us offering support in your own home.

We also offer specialist residential (with nursing) services for those with enduring and complex Mental Health Needs, particularly those facing aging and physical problems.

"I moved into a Milestones Trust home over a year ago. I’ve got a friend here and we go on trips together that are organised by staff. I’m never without anything to do."


Our Expressions arts programme runs all year, providing an outlet for people's creative expression and artistic talents.



Find out more about our homes for people with mental health needs