Milestones Trust runs photography projects as part of the Expressions arts programme. Our groups have tried pinhole cameras, photo-stories and light paintings.

 Expressions in light painting

Recent Projects

Nature Workshops at Bath Road

Bath road

Residents at Bath Road enjoyed engaging with an array of natural materials recently. The group worked with professional photographer Deborah Weinreb to make patterns from leaves, features, twigs and other outdoor materials.

The patterns were then photographed and will go on to make banners, representing some of the park greenery for the Expressions 2013 'Bringing the Outside In' exhibition.

The Afghan Box Camera

Afgahn camera Bill

In the run up to Expressions 2013, the photographers wanted to try something different, something that didn't use digital photography at all. They came up with the spectacular Afghan Box Camera or Kamra-e-Faoree:

"Afghanistan is one of the last places on earth where photographers continue to use a simple type of instant camera called the kamra-e-faoree for means of making a living. The hand-made wooden camera is both camera and darkroom in one and generations of Afghans have had their portraits taken with it, usually for identity photographs. At one stage it was even outlawed when former rulers of Afghanistan, the Taliban, banned photography, forcing photographers to hide or destroy their tools." (

Working with Marcus Fitzgibbon, the talent behind the set designs of the Expressions exhibition, the photography group made one of these cameras.

The camera was tested at Acraman's Road, a supported living home, by professional photographer Deb Weinreb.

The residents of Acraman's Road were fascinated by the whole process and there was some great pictures taken.

See some of the pictures taken using the camera


Light drawing in the Church

Words and Light

St Stephen's Church, 19-26 May, 10am-4pm

An exhibition of photographs and projections produced both on site at St Stephens and at other workshops by people both working for and supported by Milestones Trust, and facilitated by Deborah Weinreb.

Featuring a selection of ethereal photographs of light drawings and text, and on both Saturdays complemented by large scale projections within the church itself.