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Recipe for a healthy future

Focus on food

We like to think of ourselves as the care sector’s culinary trailblazers. In fact since 2013, we’ve made it our mission to improve the food culture in care homes. Not just ours, but others, too. We believe food is so much more than just breakfast, lunch and dinner. For us, food is about wellbeing, nutrition, socialising, skills development and, of course, enjoyment –for the people who use our services and our staff.


Thanks to local food pioneers such as Barny Haughton from Square Food Foundation, Francine Russell from All About Food, and organisations like the Soil Association, we’re setting our own quality standards. We’ve achieved Bronze and Gold Quality Marks in some of our homes. They’ve helped guide our staff on where to buy food, understand what it contains, and how to how prepare and serve it.

Square Food Foundation
All About Food

We’re using good quality food and have really noticed a difference in people’s health and wellbeing.

Joanne, staff member

We’ve seen first-hand how introducing a healthy, balanced diet can transform the lives of the people we support. This includes the achievement and pride that comes from growing, harvesting and cooking vegetables to dramatically reducing medication. Our focus on food will continue and we want to make it everyone’s business.