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Expressions has a new home!

Did you know that our arts programme, Expressions, has a new home?

You can now find Louise and the Expressions team based at Humphry Repton House, to the left of the Day Centre, Brentry, BS10 6NA.

The artists who attend Art Wednesdays are currently gearing up for an exhibition held in November and the Expressions 2020 event. The theme for the next exhibition is line drawings and drawing body form and will showcase the fantastic talent displayed by the artists.

The confidence and the scale of Expressions has flourished and the exhibition will be a great chance for the public to view all the hard work that has been put into the artwork.

For more information about Expressions at Centrespace, click here and if you know any of the people that we support that would be interested in taking part in Art Wednesdays, call Louise on 07467357465.