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Alan's story

I must also praise all of the staff who have supported him to become the person he is today and who will no doubt continue to encourage his independence

Anne, Home Manager
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At the end of June 2017, a new resident moved into South Gloucestershire based home Court View. This service provides support to individuals with learning disabilities and staff have experience supporting people with a variety of needs including autism, behaviours that challenge, Downs syndrome and physical needs.

Alan previously lived with his mum and became her carer because of her ill health. She sadly passed away in April 2017 and left the gentleman to search for a new place to live.

Initially, he found himself in respite care with another organisation but was then admitted to hospital. He spent three weeks in the hospital before moving to Court View.

Home manager Anne says “when he moved in with us he was very shy and we could barely get two words out of him; he then had to go back into hospital which set back any progress we had made. He was in hospital for 2 weeks and when he was discharged he was so happy to be returning home.”

When Alan did return to Court View once more, the staff began to see an improvement to his health over the months. He became a lot more talkative and now likes to play games with staff – hiding behind doors and jumping out on them. He checks the postbox several times a day; which involves opening the front door with a keypad code – which he memorized really quickly.

His family are incredibly pleased by the progress he has made during his time with Milestones. The staff have a lovely video of him singing out in the back garden; his family say they have never seen him sing before. He is also finding his own style and purchased some clothes, which happen to be mainly Christmas jumpers.

Anne says “as a manager I must also praise all of the staff who have supported him to become the person he is today and who will no doubt continue to encourage his independence.”

The changes that an environment can make to an individual is incredibly substantial and more often than not, some good staff and opportunities for residents can bring out a new side to their personality. Everyone at Court View continue to develop relationships with residents and improve their health and well-being along the way.