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Showering in success

Christine's story

We are so proud of the team of staff and service users who took part.

Christine, project co-ordinator
Silhouette of a umbrella

In August 2017, Christine and the Stepping Forward South Gloucestershire staff and service users attempted a sponsored walk from Blaise Castle to Coombe Dingle and then back again. The event was organised to raise funds towards a new van, in order to give the group more freedom with accessing the local communities

“We arrived at Blaise Castle and the rain was already pouring.  Just doing the toilet run, we were soaked! We just thought: ‘let’s just do this and get through it!’

We had four wheelchairs to push plus nine service users between five staff, so it wasn’t an easy feat. Luckily, the rain held off for a while but we did not realise how hilly Blaise castle route: pushing the wheelchairs up the hills was hard.

The staff was amazing and kept it cheerful along the way. We had another blast of rain, then returned for lunch at the café where again the heavens opened up; it’s safe to say we were not short of showers.

But we did it! We are so proud of the team of staff and service users who took part; they were all so amazing. We raised a grand total of £1033.22, with an extra £200 on top from our tabletop sale that took place at the beginning of September!

Certificates all round for them, I think. Go Stepping Forward South Glos!”