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Mandeep's story

As a new starter, I felt very well supported. Even after two or three days, I felt like I’d been working there for a very long time.


Before I started working at Mayo House, I was employed in hospitality. When the pandemic struck, that whole sector was badly hit and I soon found myself out of work and receiving benefits.

I didn’t enjoy being unemployed. Staying at home and not talking to people all day didn’t feel good. I had always wanted to work in social care, so I when I saw an advert for an Unsupervised Support Worker at Mayo House, I was very interested. The application process was smooth and things moved forward quickly.

I started working at Mayo House in July 2020. I could see straight away that the Trust was doing a great job in responding to the pandemic – our temperatures are taken every day before we enter the building and we are tested for Covid every week. Wearing PPE is of course mandatory and the home is thoroughly cleaned every morning and evening. I’ve never had a second thought about whether this is a safe environment to work in during the pandemic.

As a new starter, I felt I was very well supported by management and the team generally. They have a very good way of training new staff and you’re not made to feel inferior because you’re a new starter. Nobody has the attitude that they know better than you.

I’d never worked with people with mental health needs or challenging behaviours before. However, after just a couple of months I’d learnt how to communicate well with the people we support and I had become more aware of their likes and dislikes. Now I feel confident working with them.

I’m happy to recommend working for the Trust to other people. My colleagues are very professional and they know what they are doing. If ever I have a problem, I know that my managers will be supportive. We have a very good working environment and I feel very comfortable – even after two or three days of working at Mayo House, I felt like I’d been working there for a very long time.

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