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Taking on the climb

Matt's story

It was a fantastic experience, one I would do again

Matt, administrative assistant
Silhouette of a watering can

Back in December 2016, after we did our usual raffle to raise money for Humphrey Repton House, I decided I wanted to do something myself in order to raise extra funds for the home.

I decided I wanted to do a sponsored abseil down Avon gorge; however, due to rock instability, it was moved to uphill near Weston-super-Mare.

The day of the abseil some came and once I arrived, I realised just how high it really was. I was told I would complete a practice abseil first before moving on to the big one. The nerves were kicking in and after I was all kitted up with the others who were there, we climbed up for our practice.

This was a chance to see how I needed to do the main abseil. After completing the practice it was time for the main 100ft abseil. This was a real test of the nerves.

From the top, the view was amazing. It was a little challenging with the descent and there was some rope burn. It was a fantastic experience, one I would do again.

In total, I raised £600, thanks to many gracious donations. The money is going to be used to buy new garden umbrellas for the new decking area and sensory garden. It will also go towards buying plants and other items to smarten up our sensory garden further. The volunteers we had earlier in the year have done most of the hard work with cutting the plants back and painting the furniture there.