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Feeling heard

Jacques's story

Staff have always made sure that our family was involved in decision-making. We definitely feel heard.

Jacques, father of a person we support

Jacques’ daughter Marie lives at Kilvie House, one of our homes offering support to people with learning disabilities.

My daughter Marie moved into Kilvie House when she was 19, which is more than 20 years ago. Marie’s disability means she cannot speak, and is now completely blind, so she communicates mostly through her body language and her facial expressions. Her staff are very good at reading what she is going through and how she feels.

When I visit Marie at Kilvie House, I always find the staff there to be friendly and professional. Most of them have been working at Kilvie House for a long time. Dealing with a familiar staff team is great not only for Marie but also for our family.

Occasionally I need to get in touch with Milestones’ Finance team. These are always super friendly and positive exchanges. It’s great to know that frontline staff are supported by a good back-office team.

Marie is very sensitive to music, especially live music. Since she has lived at Kilvie House, staff have accompanied her to many live music events of different styles, from jazz to classical. She has been supported to go to Womad Festival four times. During the Covid-19 lockdowns, I started communicating with Marie through Zoom and WhatsApp. I play music to her every week, which she really enjoys.

Over the years, we’ve had a number of difficult decisions to make regarding Marie’s quality of life. The staff team have always made sure that our family was involved in decision-making, and they’ve facilitated communication between us and Marie’s medical staff. We definitely feel heard and listened to.

My experience with Kilvie House and Milestones generally over the past 20 years has been very good. I would recommend them to anyone who might benefit from their services. They are definitely providing superior care in every aspect.

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