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Every life holds opportunity

We believe that wherever possible, everybody should have the chance to live in a home, in a community, with access to life’s opportunities. For those with challenging behaviour, this hasn’t always been an option and in many cases has limited their access to the right support.

People with a learning disability can be more likely to experience poor mental health than the general population, and can experience communication difficulties. It is also relatively common for people with a learning disability (5%-15%) to develop challenging behaviours, including aggression, destruction and self-injury.

Because of this, we put a real emphasis on ensuring our staff have the talents, the training and the sense of shared humanity that they need to ease people’s distress, calm their anger, and teach the skills so that lives can be lived.

The facts

50% to 90%

Estimates suggest that 50% to 90% of people with learning disabilities have communication difficulties

5% to 15%

of people with learning disabilities develop challenging behaviours

Our approach is always positive

Using an approach called Positive Behavioural Support (PBS), our staff who specialise in complex behavioural needs are skilled at identifying potential triggers for challenging behaviour. They’re trained to focus on prevention, build communication skills and work with people to find other ways to manage their feelings. This is difficult and often slow work, but we have many success stories. For example, people who came to us with a reputation for being difficult to support but who now have their own tenancies, and whose behaviour no longer gets in the way of them living their life. All with continued support from staff they’ve chosen.

Since I’ve come here, I feel free

Lorraine, resident

The difference a choice makes

“Since I’ve come here, I feel free.” Having spent most of her life in hospital this was Lorraine’s response to moving into one of our homes in the community. Here she was finally able to experience having her own garden to grow vegetables in and feed the birds. Simple acts we take for granted, but aren’t an option for some people. Lorraine’s story isn’t unique, but with the support we’ve given her, she’s been able to live a life she’s chosen.

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