Milestones Trust

Where others see obstacles,
we see opportunities

About us

Why we do what we do

More than ever, people in our society need what we have to offer: the expertise, experience, and empathy to bring about real, lasting, positive change.

It can be the smallest of steps or the greatest of strides. Always, it’s about moving forward, achieving one milestone after another, building momentum.

Momentum shows itself in many ways. It’s never feeling comfortable with the status quo. It’s doing the right things for the right reasons. It’s the thousand little changes that happen across our organisation each day.

Changes that collectively, and ultimately, transform the lives of the people we support.

Milestones Trust in numbers

  • 34

    years since the Trust was formed in 1986

  • 60

    residential and supported housing services we run

  • 550

    people we support with mental health needs, learning disabilities, and dementia

  • 10,000

    hours each year our amazing individual and corporate volunteers dedicated to us

Our values launched in 2017

In 2017, we set out our Strategic Plan for the next 3 years and revised our values at that time. The values are now: we start with the person; we bring people close; we take our creativity to work with us; and we are courageous in our approach. They are 4 values that outline everything we strive for here at Milestones Trust: to ensure the people we support are provided with the best care possible.

We start with the person.

You can’t build a support service around a label. But you can build a support service with a person if you understand their particular care needs, wants, and ambitions. And while that’s our starting point, everyone changes. So we’re never comfortable and never complacent. Instead, we adapt how we do things to reflect the person’s changing circumstances and desires as they go through life.

We bring people close. 

What we do is impossible without building good relationships between people and their families, carers, teams, and important others. That takes time and patience, but it also takes understanding and respect – the building blocks of trust. Understanding leads to trust, which leads to the right support to bring about positive change. Change that can make a person’s life easier, better, simpler, more comfortable, more enjoyable or more independent.

We take our creativity to work with us.

Given what we do, limited resources have always been a challenge. But creativity hasn’t. It’s amazing how even a little lateral thinking and ingenuity can dramatically improve the lives of those we work with. Put another way, the more creative we are, the richer and more meaningful life becomes – for all of us. So we encourage everyone to think outside the box, whatever their role, whatever the issue. As Einstein said, “creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

We are courageous in our approach.

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. For us there is no blueprint, no magic formula, no one-size-fits-all. Just a willingness to embrace the challenge head-on, try new things, and work for change. It’s not about ripping up the rule book. It’s rewriting it to make our services fit the person. That means drawing on our expertise, courage and resolve to encourage and support anyone who needs our specialist help.

Who we support

Our experience, expertise and particular skillsets mean we can support people with…