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Working in partnership


Often, two heads are better than one and that’s why we believe joining forces with other organisations for the benefit of the people we support can only be a good thing. So we make every effort to forge partnerships with like-minded organisations where we can. It could be working with housing associations to provide advice on housing and benefits. Or collaborating with colleges and training providers to enable the people we support to get the right vocational training and help to find work.

Our Expressions Arts Programme is another great example of partnering. We team up with independent artists to help develop artistic talents and aid recovery. And our Focus on Food programme has seen some fantastic partnerships, enabling us to develop what we offer, including bespoke training. Training that equips our staff and the people they support with cookery and nutrition skills for life. We’ve also partnered with many leading architects and construction companies to make sure we build for the future.

Expressions Arts Programme

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Above all, we like to talk to others about our positive (and challenging) experiences and about theirs. This helps us all get better at what we do. If you think we can work together, get in touch.

Hilary Crowhurst, Chief Executive


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