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Learning to care

I work at Priory Court, which is a supported living service for people with learning disabilities. There are 12 different flats here and the staff team offer support to the people who live in them. When people we support come to see me in the staff office, they sometimes want practical support with things like …

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Finding my voice

Jake lives at one of our supported living services. He has a learning disability and he is also non-verbal, which means he doesn’t communicate through speech. To communicate with our staff who support him, Jake used to nod and shake his head, or use other body language. Jake was inspired by watching Lost Voice Guy, …

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Progressing my career

I started working for the Trust just over five years ago. The job was at a residential home for older people with learning disabilities. I was only just out of my teens and, although my previous job had been in social care, this was a different type of setting to what I’d experienced before. Fortunately, …

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Motoring on

Motorbikes are in Jason’s blood. His Dad and his Uncle were both bikers and, as a child, he used to enjoy going to motorbike shows with his family. As well as providing an important emotional link to his past, motorbikes are Jason’s only means of travelling independently. He broke his leg in an accident a …

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Taking flight

Nick lives in Bristol at one of our residential homes for people with mental health needs. He has lived there for four years and in that time, he has developed a great relationship with the staff team. He feels listened to and is confident that staff will do things that they say they are going …

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A cycle challenge

My 12-year-old son has special needs and can’t cycle independently. My family have always enjoyed cycling and we’ve always brought my son along with us, whether it’s been on the back of a bike or in a trailer. As he gets older, independence is becoming increasingly important to him. We went to Warmley Wheelers together …

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Developing new skills

I was 18 when I started working as a support worker at the Recovery Hub, which is a home for people with mental health needs. It was July 2019 and I’d just left education. This was my first job. Working in the social care sector had always appealed to me but I was still trying …

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A safe place to cycle

Carmela is my seven-year-old daughter. She has a rare health condition called LMNA-related congenital muscular dystrophy, which causes her muscles to progressively weaken as she gets older. Currently she can walk, but not for a long time. She needs help getting up and down stairs and on and off seats. We buy disability equipment for …

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Achieving goals

When Kirsty, who is the Activities Coordinator at our Tramways Service, asked Anton, a person we support who lives at Tramways, if there were any new activities he would like to do, she received a very specific answer: “I want to learn how to play ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ on guitar.” At first, Kirsty was unsure …

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Why I changed my mind on the vaccine

Louise is a Support Worker at our Stepping Forward North day service. Before the first lockdown last year, my Mum was in hospital. She didn’t go into hospital because of Covid but she contracted it while she was there. All the family had been visiting her regularly whilst she’d been in hospital, then suddenly only …

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A creative partnership

The pandemic has reduced the number of visits that the people we support are able to receive and so there has been an increased risk of them becoming lonely or isolated. To help with this, we set up a new volunteer befriending service. Every week, over a telephone call or Zoom meeting, volunteers provide a …

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Feeling confident

Before I started working at Mayo House, I was employed in hospitality. When the pandemic struck, that whole sector was badly hit and I soon found myself out of work and receiving benefits. I didn’t enjoy being unemployed. Staying at home and not talking to people all day didn’t feel good. I had always wanted …

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Diligence and dedication

My brother Nicky lives in his own accommodation in Kingswood and receives support and guidance from Milestones Trust. In the 1980s, I moved away from Bristol to live in Staffordshire, where I have been ever since. The physical distance between me and my brother makes meeting up on a regular basis quite difficult. The Covid-19 …

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Thinking positively

Lockdown has presented many challenges for our homes and services, but throughout, staff and the people we support have been determined to think positively. We’ve heard many stories from around the Trust of people responding to this situation with lots of energy and creativity. Nancy has not been able to move around as freely as …

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Going the extra Mile

David Colla has been volunteering with us since 2014. He volunteers as a buddy with Shaun, one of the people we support. They go on trips together to all sorts of places, including the opera, Severn Valley Railway, Weston Super Mare, Fleet Air Army Museum and the Underfall Yard. David always attends volunteer socials, and …

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Volunteers’ Week 2020

Nick had only been volunteering as a sports buddy at Lambrook Road for a few weeks, when coronavirus stopped all non-essential visits to homes, including visits from volunteers. However, he continued to support the service by delivering their weekly shopping. Although he is now moving away from Bristol, he continues to volunteer as a Telephone …

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Developing a bond

Coronation Road is a residential home that supports six residents with mental health needs. Marion is 87 years old and has lived at Coronation Road for about 15 years. Almira is 17 and began volunteering with Milestones Trust in 2019. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, she visited Coronation Road on Wednesdays. Marion loves cakes but …

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The impact of volunteers

Rachel volunteers as a swimming buddy with Milestones Trust, where she helps Paul who has severe anxiety and autism. A keen open water swimmer herself, she initially swam with him but now encourages him to swim independently. “I really love swimming and believe it can play an important role in helping people with their mental …

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Transforming lives

Andrew has Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD and OCD and has recently transitioned from residential care to supported living. Following 27 years in residential care, this move marks a major step in Andrew’s journey towards independent living. Project Co-ordinator Julie Wheaton has worked closely with Andrew to create a tailored support programme. “The move from residential care …

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Leaps and bounds

I would love to express my gratitude to all the wonderful staff at Chasefield. My brother Michael is a resident there and he has lived there since February 2018. He is a 53 year old man with Down Syndrome and spent over 51 years living with our mum before she took poorly with Alzheimer’s. All …

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Susan’s story – Carers Week 2019

Susan, 79, who lives in Almondsbury, was a carer for her husband, Mike, 82, who has had Alzheimer’s, for many years, before he moved into residential care. In 2017, she started using the day centre service at Humphry Repton House in Brentry, which provides a safe and supportive social environment, where adults with dementia and …

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Stuart’s story – Carers Week 2019

Stuart, 55, who lives in Bristol, cares for his father, aged 92, who lives with dementia. Walking is very challenging for his father, who worked in aerospace engineering until he was 82, helping to design the Concorde. He now needs total supervision. In fact, Stuart has been a carer for over 7 years, having previously …

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Lynda’s story – Carers Week 2019

Lynda, 63, from Sea Mills, Bristol, cares for her husband, Ian, 72, who has progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare and progressive condition that can cause problems with balance, movement, vision and speech. He was diagnosed four years ago. “The biggest challenge is the difference in the way you live. He’s not the same as he …

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Diana’s story – Carers Week 2019

Diana Anthony, 69, who lives in Henbury, has cared for her husband, 71, since his diagnosis with dementia six years ago. She benefits from the day centre service at Humphry Repton House in Brentry, which provides a safe and supportive social environment, where adults with dementia and physical care needs can be cared for, whilst …

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Remembering Julie

This time last year I had a call from Julie to let me know that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and had probably at most three months to live. This was a real shock – she had only been ill for a few weeks. She asked that her news was kept very confidential, …

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Making it possible

Judy had been asking to go on the train saying that she hadn’t been on one before. I spoke to her sister Helen and arranged for us to get the train to Moreton-in-Marsh. Helen met us there and we had a lovely day; we went to Birdland Park which Judy really enjoyed, and afterwards we went for afternoon …

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A dream come true

My name is Clark and I live in a small residential home supported by Milestones Trust. I have learning disabilities, autism and I have been blind since birth. One of my passions is listening to classical music. I especially like Andre Rieu and often spend time listening to him whilst relaxing at home. Andre is …

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Going above and beyond

Back in April 2018, one of our Activity Co-ordinators, Mike Jessop, purchased a small Hornby train set for the residents here at Humphry Repton House. Once it arrived, he asked myself if I could create a layout for the train to run round for our residents to watch and hopefully interact with. Once we found …

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An enjoyable placement opportunity

Emma, a Student Mental Health Nurse studying in her second year at UWE, experienced her 3rd Placement with Milestones Trust’s Supported Living team. Here’s what she had to say about her experience: “From day one at Milestones Supported Living, I was instantly made to feel like part of the team. Everyone made me feel welcome …

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Sharing knowledge and skills

In October, a team of 6 individuals from Lloyds Banking, led by Laura Stimpson, mentored 12 members of Milestones Trust staff in IT skills. This new venture for us came about when teams, such as Lloyds, approached us looking for volunteer opportunities which used their business skills. After consulting with staff, the pilot day focused …

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A remarkable friendship

Glyn began volunteering at Hillside in July 2012, becoming a regular companion for Graham.  Most Fridays, winter, summer, rain or shine saw them taking in the sights of central Bristol together.  They enjoyed walking, having lunch or coffee in the numerous eateries in the area. Exploring the harbourside and frequent trips on the ferry boat …

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A rewarding apprenticeship

I’m Tom, I’m 17 years old and I’m currently working as an Apprentice with Milestones Trust where I work 5 days a week at Chasefield House. I began my work experience at Chasefield House, after Milestones Trust was recommended to me by my dad, who’s a Milestones Trust employee. He said my caring personality would …

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Beany’s move from Fairburn to Crantock

After taking the difficult decision of needing a new home for our daughter Beany, I rang a few places in the Bristol area. “I’ll just check the diary and see when our manager can see you” was the reply from all of those who I contacted. Although the social worker was very helpful, the places …

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Forever grateful

On 24th September 2018, my brother Anand sadly passed away after years of enduring a very difficult and consuming illness. Anand suffered from both anorexia and bulimia, as well as OCD and a contamination phobia. Dealing with all of these conditions at once was, I think, entirely overwhelming for him and ultimately, the magnitude of …

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Susie’s summer holiday

I recently had the opportunity to go away with my daughter for her summer holiday on 8th June 2018. We had a wonderful weekend with Julie and Anne – two of Susie’s regular carers. The weather was good and we had meals out in pubs and cafes and had treats with Susie, such as chocolate …

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Nick’s new found love of holidays

Nick experiences a range of anxiety-based challenges when taking on new experiences, until last year, when we managed to go away for one night. Nick could not go on holiday even for a night away, but by gently teaching him to manage to enjoy things he has never had the chance to enjoy before; we …

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A happier, healthier life

Gary lived with his parents in Kingswood until nearly a year ago when sadly his mum passed away. Gary has since moved on into supported living accommodation in Hanham. When Gary started with us at Stepping Forward South Gloucestershire, he weighed 23 stone 4 pounds, but since living in his new home in Hanham, Gary has …

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Support and positive relationships

Stephen has been supported by Milestones Trust for over 10 years. First he lived in one of our residential homes where he got on well with the team but felt he would like more independence, which often caused him additional stress.  Then in January 2014, without support, Stephen found himself a flat near a train …

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Trying new, fun exercises

My name is David, I am 78 years old and live in my own flat in Fishponds. I have lived there for over 19 years. Following a series of falls, my support team contacted the O.T for advice around my mobility. They recommended exercises to improve my core strength and balance. I now go to …

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Freedom to speak

Vassall Road has been supporting a gentleman for many years. He has, during this time, experienced many medical conditions that have affected his day to day activities in a major way and his quality of life has, at times, been quite poor. He has been prevented from accessing community based activities due to severe epileptic …

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My soapbox experience

At residents’ meeting, we discussed Mental Health Awareness Week and the events that were going on. I was aware that there would be a soapbox event at the Head Quarters, where people get up and speak about mental health and ways we manage stress. At the residents’ meeting, I wasn’t really sure whether I wanted …

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Reducing my medication

My name is Clark and I live in a small residential home supported by Milestones Trust. I have a visual impairment, epilepsy and autism; all things I am supported with to ensure I lead a full and active life. For many years, my greatest fear has been anything to do with doctors/dentists or anything related …

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Mental health and managing stress

I work at a home supporting adults with enduring mental health issues. And who better to ask about how to cope with mental health than someone who is going through it day to day? I asked our service users how they deal with stress, anxiety and their general mental health on an average day. One …

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From support worker to nurse

In celebration of Nurses Day 2018, which is all about saying thank you to our nurses for dedicating their careers to delivering outstanding care, we’ve spoken with one of our valued nurses to hear her insight into working with us. Jordan started with Milestones Trust as a support worker, and with the support of the …

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Food for thought

Glen lives with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which was made considerably worse following bereavement and a relationship breakdown. But changes he’s made to his diet, with the help of his support worker, have helped him turn his life around. He said: “I was in a really bad way to be honest. And because of my …

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A celebration to remember

To mark their 25th year of opening their doors, residents at mental health home Kingsway decided to hold a fancy dress party to celebrate. December 2017 marks the 25th anniversary for mental health recovery home Kingsway being open. The residents at the home in St. George came together at a house meeting in September to …

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Finding your style

At the end of June 2017, a new resident moved into South Gloucestershire based home Court View. This service provides support to individuals with learning disabilities and staff have experience supporting people with a variety of needs including autism, behaviours that challenge, Downs syndrome and physical needs. Alan previously lived with his mum and became …

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Making a difference

Mental health recovery home raises money for two local Bristol charities at a fundraising event organised and run by the service users. Kingsway in St. George is one of our recovery homes that cares and supports people with mental health needs. The residents at the home always play a massive role in deciding what they …

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An eye opening experience

Opened in 2016, Abbey House caters for people living with dementia. Learning & development officer and Dementia Champion, Kinga, and the rest of her dedicated team regularly organise events to raise awareness of dementia and allow the community to understand the key messages behind dementia care and living with dementia. “I’ve been working with people …

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It’s a beautiful thing

Abbey House is a residential home that caters for people with dementia and has a friendly and hard-working team that continues to provide a high standard of care. The Abbey House staff team are a diverse bunch of dedicated individuals who know exactly what it means to be working in a care home and how …

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A home from home

Beverley wanted her mother and father to find a home that would tailor to their personal care and bring back a sense of familiarity and routine to their family. She made the decision to move her parents to Abbey House and quickly found the solace and reassurance she was looking for, knowing her parents were …

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Showering in success

In August 2017, Christine and the Stepping Forward South Gloucestershire staff and service users attempted a sponsored walk from Blaise Castle to Coombe Dingle and then back again. The event was organised to raise funds towards a new van, in order to give the group more freedom with accessing the local communities “We arrived at …

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Setting a golden example

Our residential home at 2a Court Road offers support for people with learning disabilities. The home has been recognised for their work in offering fresh, local and honest food by the Soil Association. Team leader at the home, Amber, was there for the award hand-over and is incredibly proud of the staff and residents for …

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Taking on the climb

Back in December 2016, after we did our usual raffle to raise money for Humphrey Repton House, I decided I wanted to do something myself in order to raise extra funds for the home. I decided I wanted to do a sponsored abseil down Avon gorge; however, due to rock instability, it was moved to …

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Caring with coffee

My social care journey started at the age of twenty and with next-to-no experience or knowledge in the field, I was surprised to successfully land part-time work as a support worker. After five years working with various cases of challenging behaviours, my dream job of working in Media Communications soon became a fleeting memory. With a …

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Your Vote – getting voices heard in the General Election

All too often, the people who use our services struggle to have their voices heard by those in power and are often excluded from the democratic process. We want to support as many people as possible to use their vote in the coming election. On Saturday June 3rd, Milestones Trust held a ‘Your Vote’ event, allowing …

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Getting back my sense of belonging

I’ve been homeless before but I haven’t slept rough for long periods. The longest I was on the streets for was a week at a time. I’d often stay in homeless hostels but would be asked to leave because of my drinking. I’d come back drunk or meet people in there who were drinking. I’d …

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My story so far

What a year I have had over in Supported Living! I joined the trust in January 2016 as the Staff Co-ordinator with the dream of setting up a small bank of hourly paid personal assistants to help cover sickness and annual leave within our projects. All these months later how has it gone? Well I …

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A head for heights

My name is Jamie. I am 26 years old and have learning difficulties but that doesn’t bother me because I am happy. I used to live in a place called Mayo House but now I have my own house. Since I got my own place I have been trying lots of new things with my …

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My keyworker

My name is Paul and I live in a Milestones Trust home. I would like to say a big thank you to my keyworker, Julie, for all her help and support throughout the years, especially for the past couple of months and this is my story. In September whilst cleaning my bedroom I slipped and …

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Flexible and fun

Andrea started volunteering with us in June 2014 and still really enjoys the time she spends with the residents. “I get on well with the residents and support them in different ways according to what they want to do on the day. I’ve been on various trips with individuals to the cinema, to cafés for …

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Learning about yourself

Helen started volunteering at one of our homes in Warmley in November 2012. She’d just moved to Bristol and wanted to increase her network of friends, while doing something fulfilling with her spare time. Helen visits the home once a week and usually supports the same resident. She’s keen to take him out to various …

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Thoughts from a young volunteer

“I volunteered at Flaxpits House for two years while studying for my A Levels. There are nine people with learning disabilities and complex physical and emotional needs living at the home. I can safely say that volunteering there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At first, it was incredibly challenging. Learning to …

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