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Involving people

Inclusion and involvement

Here at Milestones, we believe that the people we support should have their voices heard, so they have a say in what kind of support they receive and, ultimately, the lives they lead.

We encourage people to get involved in recruiting and training our staff, and giving feedback on our services, so they have real input into the organisation.


Gathering feedback

We continually gather opinions and feedback from people, it’s part of the way that we support people in their day-to-day lives. Understanding how they are feeling and giving them options and choices is part of our approach.

Service staff, people we support and friends and family are supported to gather and give feedback on their experiences through a range of means, including quality audits, feedback gathered by service staff, team meetings and key worker meetings.

We welcome all feedback at any time.

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Being involved has helped to promote my self-esteem. I get a lot of enjoyment out of telling my story. It has a big impact on the staff and how they think about mental health.