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Involving people

What involvement means to us

We’re here to support people with the services they tell us they want and need. That means creating an environment that takes into account the views both of people we support and the people important to them. After all, they have invaluable experience and insight to share.

Of course, ticking the box for involvement is easy. But it’s not enough. So we really make sure we listen. Why? Because listening builds trust, which fosters collaboration, which leads to positive changes.


How we do it

We get everyone involved. That means having the right information to join the conversation and ensuring individuals or their representatives decide on the care and support they receive. Collectively, people we support shape and influence how we do things. Right from the start, they’re involved in the process of recruitment, training and ongoing development of our people, as well as feeding back on our services. And we also make sure we celebrate success and plan for change. For us, progress is a two-way street.

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The future

Right now we’re working on giving people we support a greater voice. That’s why our plans to develop involvement include more user-led training, co-working, peer-support, and shared decision-making. It’s through good relationships that great things happen.

Of course, we want to challenge stigma and improve what we do, but we also want involvement to open the door to other things. In our experience, that’s what changes lives. Whether it’s a greater sense of self-worth, feeling part of a community, or taking steps along a recovery pathway, involvement matters.

Being involved has helped to promote my self-esteem. I get a lot of enjoyment out of telling my story. It has a big impact on the staff and how they think about mental health.