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Thinking positively

Nancy and Andrew's story

Throughout lockdown, staff and the people we support have been determined to think positively.

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Lockdown has presented many challenges for our homes and services, but throughout, staff and the people we support have been determined to think positively.

We’ve heard many stories from around the Trust of people responding to this situation with lots of energy and creativity.

Nancy has not been able to move around as freely as she used to before lockdown. Exercise helps Nancy to build her strength and reduces the risk of her falling, so it was important that she stayed active.

The staff team at her home found some exercises on the NHS website that can be done whilst sitting in a chair, so they started doing these with Nancy and now she asks to do them regularly, sometimes whilst singing along to music.

Andrew has been shielding during the lockdown. He’s a sociable person and so it was not easy for him to accept that he would have to stay in his room and keep the door shut.

The staff team at his home put their heads together and came up with a great way of helping Andrew – a walkie-talkie! Andrew got the hang of the walkie-talkie quickly and knowing that he can speak to the team by simply pressing a button and speaking has been very reassuring to him.

At Furber Road, one of the people we support had felt frustrated about not being able to go to the pub. So the staff team brought the pub to her! They bought some non-alcoholic cider at the local garage so that the lady was able to have her ‘toddy’.

It’s just one of the ways that the team at Furber Road have supported residents to do the things they want but without having to leave home.