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Will's story

Milestones is a principled and brilliant organisation, and they offer great support to their volunteers.

Will, volunteer
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“I want to learn how to play ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ on guitar.”

These words were the beginning of Will’s volunteering journey with Milestones. They were spoken by a person we support, who lives at one of our residential services for people with mental health needs, after he was asked by a staff member if there were any new activities he would like to do.

We needed to find a guitar teacher, so we decided to advertise for a volunteer. Step forward Will.

“I heard about Milestones through a friend,” said Will. “I wanted to volunteer to help make a positive difference in someone’s life. It’s great that I can do that through music and guitar playing.”

Will (left) gives a guitar lesson

Will started volunteering with us during the pandemic, holding guitar lessons on Zoom for 18 months. Will is dedicated to his role, and very patient with the person he supports. He has really helped them to build their guitar skills and, in turn, their confidence. They can now play some simple songs, and they very much look forward to classes each week.

With Covid-19 restrictions having now eased, Will was recently able to deliver a class in person, which both he and the person he supports found very enjoyable.

Our Activity Coordinator, who works with Will, said: “Will’s work is greatly appreciated. He has displayed great dedication and reliability to his volunteering sessions. Thank you so much!”

Will said: “I have learnt a lot about the teaching process, and we enjoy some similar music styles, so it’s good all round! I would definitely recommend volunteering for Milestones as they are a principled and brilliant organisation, and they offer great support to their volunteers.”

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