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Election 2019

For the 2019 Election, we put together virtual hustings films to help the people we support and the general public make an informed decision when voting!

The questions asked were thought up by Voices4Choice, our service user council, and were asked by learning disability representative Graham and mental health representative Andy.

Each film focuses on a separate question and compares answers from the political candidates from Kingswood, representing Animal Welfare Party, Conservatives, Green Party, Labour and Liberal Democrats. The films cover topics such as employment for people with learning disabilities, climate change, healthcare and privatisation and how long it will take to see changes take effect, should the candidate be elected.

Climate change

Employment for people with learning disabilities

When will we see promised changes take effect?

Healthcare and privatisation


Please also click below to read the easy-read versions of the Election Poster, Manifestos and Voting Rights Information Booklet.


Easy Read Election Poster


Easy Read Manifestos


Easy Read Voting Rights Information Booklet