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Collaboration, openness and creative thinking are at the heart of Expressions. It is a year-long programme of creative arts events that culminates in a spectacular exhibition that is open to the public. The focus for Expressions has always been to make the arts accessible, interactive and a source of wellbeing. The programme encompasses all forms of art – film, ceramics, textiles, food, photography, performance and spoken word to name just a few.

The people we support are involved in every aspect of Expressions, from creating the art to organising the show. We also work with professional artists and local organisations to give them invaluable access to the art world and help to get their work exhibition-ready.

Those who participate in Expressions learn new skills which have a positive effect on their mental health and wellbeing. They get a sense of achievement, identity and pride from overseeing their project from beginning to end, which in turn could give them the confidence to achieve other goals and milestones in their lives.

Expressions shows that the journey of making art is as important as the final piece.

Find out more on the Expressions website:

The website features an online gallery of works produced by those attending the art group each week, news about upcoming Expressions events and films showing you how you can make your own works of art at home.

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Expressions Arts Festival - Modern Myths

Expressions Arts continues to explore the changing landscape of contemporary art with their new exhibition Modern Myths.

With Modern Myths the Expressions Arts Collective asks “Who decides what is great art? Do you need to be from a privileged background and to have an art education to be a revered artist? Who dictates how art is validated?”

Curated by Louise Copping and Emma Grant, Modern Myths offers an exploration of equality within the art world, and questions who decides what makes great art. The exhibition will present over 100 artworks created by members of the Expressions Arts Collective including printmaking, sculpture, moving image and painting.

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Why not have a look at what we got up to by watching our Expressions 2022 film? The film shows all aspects of the creativity that went into the 2022 Contemporary Art & Music Festival. A massive thank you to Emma Grant for getting this wonderful film together for us.

Keep up to date with sneak peaks of the work that was showcased across our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Being part of Expressions makes you realise you are not alone; not the only person with mental health problems


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If you want to get involved but aren’t sure how, please give us a call. There are lots of other ways you can support Expressions – like volunteering or donating.

To find out more about Expressions, get in touch with Louise Copping, Arts Coordinator, by calling 07467 357 465 or emailing