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Mental Health Awareness Week!

On 13th – 19th May, we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week!

Thank you to everyone that celebrated the week with us! We looked at the theme Body Image throughout the week and what that means to people and their mental health. We took part in activities such as information sessions, dance therapy, the Harbourside Walk and art sessions!

Harbourside Walk

On Tuesday, we went on a lovely walk around Bristol Harbourside, discussing what it means to be healthy and how having body positivity can help improve your mental health. It was a great meet and a nice opportunity for people from different homes to have a nice catch up.

Life Drawing

On Wednesday, we joined Louise Copping at the Expressions Arts Studio to do some life drawing! We used different mediums and techniques and shared our pieces of artwork to show different perspectives on body image.

Vassall Centre

On Friday, we went to the Vassall Centre to an information session where Home Managers presented information about weight, oral health, physical health, sexual health, smoking, alcohol and medication. There was lots of yummy food, art and video workshops for everyone to get involved in and a fantastic dance therapy session that got everyone moving!