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Learning Disability Awareness Week 2019!

Learning Disability Awareness Week was celebrated from 16th  – 22nd June!

At Voices4Choice, the council where people supported by Milestones come together to raise concerns/suggestions, a plan was cooked up: we would celebrate Learning Disability Awareness Week with a balloon walk.

Page Park in Staple Hill was chosen as so many Milestones projects and homes are situated in this area. The aim was to let local people know about how people with learning disabilities wish to be treated.

Flyers were created, each with individual messages from people using Milestones’ Learning Disability services. Some examples of these messages:

Talk to me, not my support worker’

‘Respect me’

‘Look for my ability, not my disability’

Walking en-mass around Page Park was really fun. We carried lots of colourful balloons and had a good stash of snacks to keep up energy levels. People we approached were very receptive and all happily received the messages. The weather was lovely.

We all enjoyed it so much that we plan to do it again next year, and will make sure that family and friends know about it this time, in case you would like to come and join in too!