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We invited family and friends, had a good response and made £210.27 just in one afternoon/evening

Melinda, Assistant Team Leader
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Mental health recovery home raises money for two local Bristol charities at a fundraising event organised and run by the service users.

Kingsway in St. George is one of our recovery homes that cares and supports people with mental health needs. The residents at the home always play a massive role in deciding what they do and how they spend their time. During a house meeting back in July 2017, the residents discussed ideas for a charity fundraiser event they wanted to hold and raise money for a good cause.

Together, they decided that they wanted to hold a tea & cake afternoon in order to raise money for two worthy causes – the Jack Bank fund with the Wallace & Gromit Grand appeal for Children Hospitals and the Bristol dogs and cats home. Staff member Kate coordinated the fundraiser and helped with service users during the preparation of the event.

Throughout August, the service users at the home worked hard to bake, make invitations and select prizes for the raffle they would hold on the event day. They all took it in turns to each play their part in the organisation of the fundraiser. The sent out invites to friends and family and got lots of people involved.

When the fundraiser event day arrived service users and staff all worked hard to prepare food and drinks. There was party music playing and even had a photo corner so people could get a memento from the day and could look back on the great times they had. The day was a great success and they managed to raise a total £210.27 in one day.

In September, the staff took two service users to the Wallace and Gromit shop opposite the Bristol children’s hospital. They took £100 to the fund and they were given a huge cheque as a reminder of their donation.

Three service users then went out in October with staff support to the Bristol dog and cats home. They donated the remaining £110.27 to the charity and had their photo taken with a rescue dog at the home.