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Tim's story

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. The artificial grass looks fit for a World Cup Final!

Tim lives in Yate at one of our residential homes for adults with learning disabilities. He’s a very active person. He goes out every day and is familiar to almost everyone in his local community. He loves going to see live music and is hoping to attend a festival this summer.

Tim’s biggest passion is football. His favourite teams are Manchester United and Bristol Rovers, and he enjoys following his local team Yate Town. Tim also plays for Bristol Rovers Ability FC, a team for people with learning disabilities and physical disabilities.

Tim has his own flat with its own garden. He has two sets of goalposts, one at either end of his garden, and he loves going out for a kick about whenever he gets the chance.

During the lockdowns of the past two years, Tim wasn’t able to do many of the other activities that he enjoys, so he played football in his garden even more regularly. As a result, the garden would get muddy and so Tim would get muddy too. His flat could get messy when he came back into it.

Tim enjoys a kick about on the newly-laid grass
Tim enjoys a kick about on the newly-laid grass

The staff team at Tim’s home had an idea. What if some artificial grass could be laid in the garden? It would provide a high-quality surface for Tim to play football on and it would also mean no more mud.

Artificial grass doesn’t come cheap, however. Tim’s support team got in touch with the Trust’s fundraising team and tried to work out how we could raise enough money. After a lot of work, we were awarded grants from the Quartet Stoke Park Fund and Yate Town Council’s Covid-19 Battle Fund. With additional contributions from Tim’s family and the Trust’s own internal bequest fund, we finally had the money we needed.

The artificial grass was laid by Portishead-based company Uppergrass, who did a fantastic job. Tim and his parents were absolutely thrilled to see his garden transformed and Tim now goes out to play football on the grass every day.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. The generosity of the funders is greatly appreciated. The artificial grass really is a wonderful surface to play football on. It looks fit for a World Cup final!

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