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Staying in her own home

Sheila's story

Her team, and being at home, is so important to her.

Pippa, Service Coordinator

Sheila is an elderly lady who lives in her own bungalow in Cadbury Heath. She has a learning disability and mild autism, and receives 24-hour support.

Sheila also suffers from curvature of the spine, which has caused her mobility to gradually decline. Last year, her mobility issues became so acute that it was clear that some form of additional support was needed.

One option that was considered was for Sheila to move into a residential care home that has a ceiling hoist, which could support Sheila with washing and using the toilet. However, Sheila has lived in her own home for the past nine years, and this has proved very beneficial for her. As Service Coordinator Pippa says:

“Sheila is quite a shy character, but since she’s been living in her own home, she’s come out of her shell. She’s very settled.”

Sheila (left) with a member of her staff team

Sheila is also very close to her staff team. She’s been supported by one staff member for 30 years, and another for 15 years. She truly thinks of them as family, so moving to a new service with a different team would have been hugely disruptive for her.

A decision was made that it would be in Sheila’s best interests to stay in her own home. Funding for a ceiling hoist was secured from the NHS, and the hoist was installed in Sheila’s bungalow. All staff received specialist training in how to safely use the hoist.

Milestones has previously used ceiling hoists in care homes, but this was the first time that one had been installed in a person we support’s own home. Sheila has adapted well to using the hoist, and has been in good spirits since. Pippa says:

“Sheila has a lovely sense of humour. She teases members of staff, and tells us about all her boyfriends who are hidden under her bed.

“I’m so thankful to everyone who made it possible for Sheila to stay at home, which is what she wanted. Her team, and being at home, is so important to her. A lot of people at Milestones made a big effort to make it happen, and that just shows how much people care.”

We’re so pleased that with the funding for the hoist we have been able to support Sheila to continue living her best life, in her own home.

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