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Taking flight

Nick's story

I feel listened to. The staff do the things that they say they are going to do.

Nick, a person we support

Nick lives in Bristol at one of our residential homes for people with mental health needs. He has lived there for four years and in that time, he has developed a great relationship with the staff team. He feels listened to and is confident that staff will do things that they say they are going to do. Previously, he struggled to communicate how he was feeling but now he feels he can express himself without fear of being judged.

The trust he has in the staff has meant that he has become more confident and positive about what he wants from life. One particular goal that Nick has identified is that he wants to go to Cyprus, where his family are from. However, Nick has never flown on a plane before, so a four and a half hour flight to a Mediterranean island would be a big step. Staff discussed with Nick the possibility of taking a shorter flight within the UK as preparation for this longer journey. Soon plans were being made for a trip to Newcastle.

Staff helped Nick to get ready. They supported him with his passport application and talked about what travelling on a plane would be like, so that he knew what to expect. He really appreciated the relaxed, can-do approach that was taken to planning the trip.

Nick at the airport
Nick at the airport

Nick was accompanied by two staff members, Sarah and Nikita. When they boarded the plane and the engines started running, Nick became a little anxious but this quickly turned to excitement as the plane lifted from the runway and took to the skies. Nikita had also never flown on a plane before, so she and Nick understood what the other was going through and they gave each other support.

Whilst in Newcastle, Nick wanted to eat out at a Greek restaurant and go to a nightclub. They had a great meal out. As Nick was familiar with everything on the restaurant’s menu, he advised Sarah and Nikita on what to order and the food did not disappoint. They then went on to a nightclub, where Nick enjoyed a beer and a dance.

Nick prepares to board the plane
Nick prepares to board the plane

Their flight home was the next day. The only part of the trip that Nick didn’t enjoy was being woken up early for breakfast after his night on the town. The plane journey back to Bristol seemed very short, though there was just enough time to enjoy a cup of tea and a chocolate bar.

Nick had a lovely time and would like to go on another trip. He still hopes to travel to Cyprus one day and he and the staff team are exploring the possibility of doing this next year.

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