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Check ‘mate’

Elvis's story

I enjoy chess, and I am a champ!

Elvis, a person we support

Elvis – one of the people we support in Henleaze, Bristol – really enjoys chess. He’s also a very good player – when he plays members of his support team, more often than not he ends up winning. As Elvis said when asked about his passion for chess, “I enjoy it, and I am a champ!”

Eager to find more people to play with, Elvis and his support team looked for some local clubs he might be able to join. However, Elvis is not keen to go out at night and the clubs they learned about all met in the evening.

Two men sat at a table playing chess
Elvis, left, with Chris

But there was one more thing to try – maybe another person supported by Milestones Trust was also looking for someone to play chess with. Enlisting the help of the communications team, a call went out to all of our services, and after a few weeks’ wait, step forward Chris, another keen chess player!

A first game was arranged, swiftly followed by a second. Elvis and Chris have both really enjoyed competing on the chess board whilst getting to know each other, and are planning to meet for a game once every month from now on. So not only have both players found themselves a new and worthy opponent, but they’ve also found a new friendship that will hopefully stand the chess-ed of time…

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