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Gaining independence

Dean's story

“I started living seven weeks ago when I moved into my new home.”

Dean, a person we support

I feel like I started living seven weeks ago. That’s when I moved into my new home, a supported living service in Hanham. I love that I have so much independence here. I can do whatever I want and go out anywhere I’d like.

I was able to visit before I moved in so I could get an idea of what living here would be like. I met with Tess, the Service Coordinator, and I liked what she had to say. I wanted to move in straight away!

A man sitting in a kitchen

The staff here are really good. I get allocated a support worker to give me one to one support. They take my emotions into account and have a really positive attitude. Whatever I want to do, they’ll say “let’s do it!”

I’ve been going out more, and I do my own laundry and shopping. Recently I went to ‘Rhythm of the night’, a disco organised by the Misfits Theatre Company. It was an amazing night, with a really good atmosphere.

I live with four other people. They’re a similar age to me, only a little bit older. I get on well with all of them, but especially with Jake, who’s become a good friend.

I like WWE wrestling and music like Linkin Park, Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift. I also love horror movies (take a look at the ‘Halloween’ t-shirt Dean’s wearing in his picture), and I’ve written a script for my own horror film. Out of respect, I’m waiting for the Writers Guild of America strike to end before I try to get the movie up and running. It’s about a stalker – that’s all I’m saying for now!

I’m really grateful to Milestones and that’s why I’ve put myself forward to work for Milestones as an expert by experience, perhaps by being part of an interview panel for new staff. I want to say thank you to Milestones for all you’ve given me.

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