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Caring with coffee

My social care journey started at the age of twenty and with next-to-no experience or knowledge in the field, I was surprised to successfully land part-time work as a support worker. After five years working with various cases of challenging behaviors, my dream job of working in Media Communications soon became a fleeting memory. With a …

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Your Vote – getting voices heard in the General Election

All too often, the people who use our services struggle to have their voices heard by those in power and are often excluded from the democratic process. We want to support as many people as possible to use their vote in the coming election. On Saturday June 3rd, Milestones Trust held a ‘Your Vote’ event, allowing …

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Getting back my sense of belonging

I’ve been homeless before but I haven’t slept rough for long periods. The longest I was on the streets for was a week at a time. I’d often stay in homeless hostels but would be asked to leave because of my drinking. I’d come back drunk or meet people in there who were drinking. I’d …

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My story so far

What a year I have had over in Supported Living! I joined the trust in January 2016 as the Staff Co-ordinator with the dream of setting up a small bank of hourly paid personal assistants to help cover sickness and annual leave within our projects. All these months later how has it gone? Well I …

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A head for heights

My name is Jamie. I am 26 years old and have learning difficulties but that doesn’t bother me because I am happy. I used to live in a place called Mayo House but now I have my own house. Since I got my own place I have been trying lots of new things with my …

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My keyworker

My name is Paul and I live in a Milestones Trust home. I would like to say a big thank you to my keyworker, Julie, for all her help and support throughout the years, especially for the past couple of months and this is my story. In September whilst cleaning my bedroom I slipped and …

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Flexible and fun

Andrea started volunteering with us in June 2014 and still really enjoys the time she spends with the residents. “I get on well with the residents and support them in different ways according to what they want to do on the day. I’ve been on various trips with individuals to the cinema, to cafés for …

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Learning about yourself

Helen started volunteering at one of our homes in Warmley in November 2012. She’d just moved to Bristol and wanted to increase her network of friends, while doing something fulfilling with her spare time. Helen visits the home once a week and usually supports the same resident. She’s keen to take him out to various …

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Thoughts from a young volunteer

“I volunteered at Flaxpits House for two years while studying for my A Levels. There are nine people with learning disabilities and complex physical and emotional needs living at the home. I can safely say that volunteering there was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At first, it was incredibly challenging. Learning to …

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